TravelBox Spinner Case Luggage – Brand New Functional Luggage at Affordable Price

1. TravelBox Spinner Case Luggage Review

This brand new TravelBox spinner case is made of durable ABS to protect your belongings. If you do not really know anything about ABS, it is extremely light and tough which is almost comparable to the durability of automotive bumpers. Watch the video to find out more about the features of this luggage:


  • Durable ABS with rough surface which makes it easy to be handled.
  • Telescoping and retractable upper handle and it can be adjusted at different heights.
  • Multiple carrying options as it has nice carry on top and at the side (only applicable on selected models).
  • Swivel technology with 360-degree spinner wheels for smooth mobility
  • Combination lock with quick-release button
  • With lined spacious interior with mesh compartment, and compression straps to keep your clothes in place.

2. Proper Ways to Roll/Navigate Your Luggage

Since this luggage can move independently 360 degrees, you should roll them beside you instead of rolling them behind you. Rolling them beside you allows the weight distributed equally and keeps your case upright rather than increasing the weight on 2 wheels if you roll your luggage behind you. Rolling them behind can seriously damage the wheels on the long run.

Don’t roll or drag your luggage on sloped surfaces or when climbing stairs. Carry it instead as this case has multi-carrying options with top and side carry handles.

3. How to Set Combination Lock

Once you’ve gotten your new TravelBox luggage, be sure to set your combination lock to ensure your case is securely locked before you start using your luggage for your trip.

To set a new combination for your new TravelBox luggage, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Make sure that your luggage is unlocked and the default combination is “0-0-0”
  2. Then, push the tab as if you’re unlocking your luggage and hold the tab
  3. Next, enter your new combination by turning the dials of the lock. In this case, the combination is “8-8-8”. Be sure that you remember the new combination that you’ve just set.
  4. Release the tab and you’ve set a new combination!

4. How to Pack Like a Pro with Your New TravelBox Luggage

Most of the time, our packing list is restricted by the capacity of our luggage. You can maximise the space of the interior of your new TravelBox luggage by minimise unnecessary wastage of space caused by improper packing methods.

Here’s how you can maximise the space of the interior:

  1. Pack your shoes first and stuff small items into them as many as possible. Items such as socks, watches, jewelleries, underwear and belts can be easily stuffed into your shoes. This creates a base for your packing.
  2. Then, start filling the space with rollable clothes like T-shirts, shorts, scarves and etc. The more you fit in the roll-able items or clothes into the interior, the better.
  3. For bulky clothes like jeans, suit, and dresses – you can place one end of the garment inside the luggage and the other end draping over the edge. Similarly, place the next garment with the same placement but in a different direction. Repeat these sequences for the rest of the garments. Once you have created an even layer with these garments, fold your garments back in one-by-one.
  4. Next, use a laundry bag and place it at the top of the garments to minimise the air between those folded areas so that you can create ‘additional’ space.
  5. Now, place the rest of the items like toiletry bag, books, or proper folded shirts on top rather than stuffing them into the luggage in which makes it harder to retrieve them during the packing or unpacking process.

Extra Tip: To keep your clothes smelling fresh: Place a dryer sheet in the luggage so your clean clothes will not take on the odours from the surroundings.

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