Top Travel Sites for Female Travellers

Top 3 Travel Sites For Female Travellers

Like an 80’s song – “Girls just wanna have fun” and this includes female travellers who also deserve to have joy and excitement through roaming around the world. If you’re one of them, you would notice that not all travel tips are practical as these contents are generalised and accustomed to adrenaline-pumped male travellers. 

Therefore, it’s glad to have some pioneers who are consistently contributing valuable advice and tips that have inspired many female travellers to follow their footsteps of being an avid traveller.

Here are the top 3 travel sites for inspiring female travellers:

Site #1: Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate

Enter the mind of this female solo traveller – Kate McCulley, who had done the wackiest thing in her life which was quitting her day job to travel the world. Now, she’s an inspiring solo traveller who has travelled up to 35 countries within 2 years’ time, and encouraging women to do the same.  She has also blogged about her previous trip in Kuala Lumpur – click here.

Site #2: Her Packing List

Her Packing List

I first started to bump into this site when I was looking for some packing tips for my trip. This site has a wide range of packing-tips topics provided by the founder – Brooke Schoenman and Caroline Eubanks – team writer and you can find the ultimate female packing list – click here.

Site #3: Travelista


Although the author occasionally updates her blog about looking good in traveling as Josie believes by dressing up good like a fashionista when you travel, you can actually enhance your travel experience, and this includes minimising the loads of your luggage.

Who says “Girls couldn’t have fun travelling”? Get all tips and advice from these sites and start planning for a trip now!

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