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Bali Day 4

Bali 4-Day Trip: Day 4 – Great Accommodations in Bali – Hard Rock Hotel & Bali Baliku Beach Front Luxury Private Pool Villas

Day 4 was a relaxing day for us. Woke up late and I took breakfast before the end of serving time. I went back to bed after breakfast until check out time. Our final plan was heading for massage session after check out. What we did in the massage session? Slept again while enjoying the Balinese traditional massage. After all, this was one of the objectives of the trip – relax!  Continue reading

Bali 4-day trip - day 3

Bali 4-Day Trip: Day 3 – Newbie’s Breath-taking White Water Rafting & Horse Riding Experiences

Bali 4-Day Trip: Day 3 – Newbie’s Breath-taking White Water Rafting & Horse Riding Experiences

After a good night rest, in the early morning of Day 3, we quickly prepared ourselves for the white water rafting at Ayung River – which is our most anticipating activity in Bali as we are totally newbies in water rafting sports. My friends and I were extremely nervous and excited while waiting for the hotel pickup service to drive us to Ayung River. We were turned into wild kids when we rode on a Volkswagen (VW) Safari to the destination.  Continue reading

Bali 4-Day Trip: Day 2 – The Famous Barong & Keris Dance, Greenly Tegalalang Paddy Field, Stunning Kintamani Volcano View, and Aromatic Balinese Style Coffee

On the second day of the trip, we hopped out of bed in the morning and headed to Batubalan Village to watch the Balinese traditional Barong and Keris Dance. The dance is depicting about a “good versus evil” story based on a mythology of Bali which the “Barong” plays the protagonist role of the story. While we were heading to the village, our tour guide Mr. Sugi told us that we could either watch the whole show or leave in the middle of the show.

Continue reading

Bali 4-Day Trip

Bali 4-Day Trip: Day 1 – A Perfect Island Getaway for Stunning Sightseeing Experience, Plus Local Food Galore

Bali is an island and a province of Indonesia which always being tagged as a paradise for lovely couples as well as a surfing paradise for surfers. Although my friends and I were neither one of the couples nor the surfers, I did really enjoy our time during the trip. Since Bali is one of world’s most visited islands because of its beautiful beaches, unique traditions and culture, and the sheer friendliness and hospitality of the locals, I have a great excuse to reenergise myself after periods of hard work by starting an island getaway.  Continue reading

Assemble! Backpackers

TravelBox Travel Hunt: Feel Home Sweet Home at Assemble! Backpackers @Chiayi, Taiwan – A Haven for Backpackers

There are plenty of pros and cons to travel solo. One of the cons is that you may pay more for accommodation especially when you’re planning to go somewhere with no backpacker hostel is available. I went to Taiwan this July, 2013 and visited Alishan – Taiwan’s most visited national park for tourists and mountain climbers. To make this trip a challenging one, I was looking for an accommodation without prior reservation.  Continue reading