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Unique and Creative Umbrellas

15 Unique Umbrella Designs that You Never Knew It Existed

No one really enjoy getting soaked in the rain especially when you are not prepared for the sudden rainfall. An umbrella only gets handy when you need in desperate times during the unexpected rainy weather. You’ll be surprised when you see these few unique umbrella designs that you never knew it existed.

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In Cloud Light

Hypnotic and Mind-Breaking Kinetic Wind Sculptures by Anthony Howe – With Selected GIFs & Videos

No one would ever think that sculptures can be creatively created with the fusion between art and science – except one artist – a contemporary sculptor – Anthony Howe, from Eastsound, Washington in USA, who has the passion of creating surreal and hypnotic 3D kinetic wind sculptures which have blown up the minds of many.

Here are the selected GIFs and videos of mind-breaking masterpieces of kinetic wind sculptures.

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Double coil zippers to enhance luggage security

Enhance Your Zippered Luggage Security with Secure Double Coil Zippers (VIDEO)

Many travellers are worried of their checked zippered luggage are being tampered by an unauthorised person, causing their belongings being stolen or giving the opportunity to the culprits to slot in contraband into the case, without leaving any traces behind. Although chances of being a victim of such unfortunate incident are pretty slim, the luggage security needs to be further enhanced to keep your belongings safely stored.

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hi five friends

Best 16 Funny Friendship Quotes Depicted by Animated GIFs

In the last 30th July, the whole world celebrated International Friendship day as friendship means a lot to everyone regardless one’s race, religion and background. Friendship should be taken seriously as it is one of main aspects of our life and it affects our upbringing in our life.

To appreciate friendly in a more jocund way – here are the selected 15 best funny friendship quotes accompanied with suitable GIF images.

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10 GIFs to Show Simple Ways on How to Control Your Anger

Your life will not be at ease and full of hatred when something provoke your anger, turning you into a formidable ‘beast’ that can be detrimental to yourself and others. Nowadays, anger management should put into focus when news of uncontrollable anger outbursts by some individuals has been going viral in social media. For the sake of your well-being and of those who really care about you – it’s time to tame the ‘beast’ within you.

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food miniature steak

Amazing Real-Looking Miniature Food Sculptures that You Would Think It Was Real!

A miniature food sculpture artist known as Kim from USA, has been creating tiny grandiose food sculptures that have tricked many who had thought these were a real food! She has been perfecting simple clay techniques since 2008 and her finest food miniature collection is available for sale online.

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portrait sketch travel journal

10 Best Travel Journal Designs to Keep Memorable Moments of Your Journey

Most travellers would normally appreciate every single memento including photographs, transport tickets, boarding passes and so on when they rediscover these memorable items which they had previously kept it for quite some time. One way to keep your memories intact is by writing a travel journal or creating a travel scrapbook. Here’s a compilation of best travel journal designs that could inspire your travel journal writing.

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ketupat deco hari raya

5 Things that Always Remind Us that Hari Raya Celebration is Coming (or Syawal is About to Start)

Days keep on counting and the month of Ramadhan is almost inevitably over.  I’m able to witness the busy streets of Ramadan bazaar around my neighbourhood when I’m on my way back home in late evenings. Life of every Muslim family is even busier as they are preparing for the meaningful Raya celebration which will start in the next few days.

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Football Zombie

How to Avoid Yourself from Being a Football Zombie – 3 Simple Survival Tips to Follow

Be prepared of the worst ‘epidemic’ of all – the “Football Fever” virus which is widespread around the world, infecting its human host and turning them into Football zombies. Since this football fever is contagious among all FIFA 2014 World Cup football fans, your worst fear is getting lack of sleep and here are some survival tips that you should follow.

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